WTS: Parts and Stuff on eBay

Hey guys!

Here is some stuff I’m trying to get rid of on eBay that might interest a few here.

Modified Hori EX2 for Xbox 360

Hori EX2 that has been modified with a Sanwa stick and buttons. It is geared toward Virtua Fighter and Dead or Alive players with a traditional three button set up.

Starts $40

Happ Competition Stick and Buttons

(1) Happ Competition Stick and (6) black buttons. Great for Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Comes with a free button screwdriver.

Starts $10

Assorted Japanese Arcade Parts

A bunch of sanwa and seimitsu parts I’ve collected over the years. All of them still good and at a great price for them all.

(1) Sanwa JLF stick with wiring
(1) Sanwa old school stick
(3) Pink 30mm Sanwa buttons
(3) Red 30 mm Sanwa buttons
(1) Yellow 30mm Sanwa button
(1) Blue 30mm Sanwa button *SCREW ON
(6) Black 30mm Seimitsu buttons
(2) Black 24mm Seimitsu buttons
(7) Standard joystick tops *ASSORTED COLORS

Starts $15


Stick Builders Discount kit

A great steal for begining stick builders as you can get a lot of parts for cheap and in one bundle. I have used these PSX pcbs before and they are excellent for sticks. The acrylic boards are for art covers and the vinyl bumpers are for stability. For the price, this can save a begining stick builder some cash and gas.

(9) PSX pads
(3) Acrylic 10x8 boards
(1) Pack of vinyl bumpers

Starts $15


Hope some people are interested :slight_smile:

if they’re on ebay then you gotta post the link to the items you’re selling

whoa wth, I swore I put the links in the words… oh wells, sorry about that folks! The links are up. :rofl:

Interesting. Hope someone bids on them soon!

Can u sell the buttons only??? I dont want the comp stick

If it doesn’t sell I’ll sell you the buttons+shipping but otherwise everything is up as is unless it’s not sold at the end of the deadline.

are the happ parts new? also does the happ competition stick have a white or black actuator?

The micro-switches have been in storage but I tested them and they should be fine. Plastic button assembly is new and so is the stick. Stick has a medium spring and the winner (or eventually buyer) can ask for a heavy spring cause I have one. Actuator is white.


Final day to bid on anything, for the winners I’ll try to get this stuff shipped on monday ASAP.