WTS: Parts. Liquidation

All Gone**.**

Are you willing to swap plungers? Like if I wanted blue rim/green plunger? Or do I have to buy a set of blue and a set of green?

too bad you don’t ship to Canada.


No sorry, just trying to get rid of stuff as painlessly as possible :).

Some items sold, updated.

Kk thanks I decided on sanwa clears instead of the seimitsus anyway :slight_smile:

Updated quantities

I’m crying a river here.

if possible, can you hold one of those Red Sanwa Bat Top w/ thread adapter- $4.00
until Saturday? I’m out at I10/kolb area and won’t have time to get to midtown til then.

will pry take a red ball top too

edit: will these fit the MadCatz Street Fighter X Tekken - Arcade FightStick PRO?

They should, yes. We are not open on Saturdays anymore, so if you can come in on Friday or Wed night to pick it up then perfect.

ok, will shoot for friday then, thanks!

Give me a heads up, just call the AiaB phone number and you will get my cell.

Ed, numbers still current? Got a buddy who needs stuff, as do i. Thanks :slight_smile:

What colors are the dust covers, assorted or all black?

Sorry, all of this has been sold to one party. I didn’t realize the thread would live again.