WTS PAS Model T Hitbox, Madcatz TE Hitbox, Pro Cables

Looking for some TE2 bezels or panels. Red ones.

New buttons for sale.

Are these the newer versions that you can just put in and wire up or the old ones with the adapter plates?

These are the new g3s that they just came out with a month or so ago. They’re snap ins not the weird snap in/screw in combo they had before.

Are you only looking for cash or would you be willing to do a trade. I have a ps3 arcade stick, some switch games, a backlit modded gameboy advance with a flash cart.

price drop

drop again

Going to add some stuff if I can find where the edit button is.

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sent a pm about the hitbox

Looking for some pics of the hitbox controller.

There is an album on the main post.

Lowered price on PS4 audio board!

Added a bunch of stuff.

added madcatz bag

PM sent Bubbledotjpg!

Do you still have the screwdriver for sale?

Yup still have it!

Added a Madcatz te2 rivals box. You pay shipping.

Added hitbox. Probably gonna add some more stuff in the next few days.

Anyone selling a hitbox? Or an enclosure with this layout?