WTS PDP Mortal Kombat TE stick: $30 local


I have two PDP Mortal Kombat TE sticks for sale, $30 each if you’re in the Minneapolis area for pick up, add $20 shipping if you want it sent to you. Both are brand new in the box. Game is not included, just the stick.

Minnesota: Keep it Classy!

Each or both together?


Each, sorry I didn’t make that clear. I’ll edit the post.


lol its all good. Hit me up in a couple weeks if you still have them. Might be able to get 1 off your hands :slight_smile:


Still have those sticks?


is it still for sell ?


Sorry, I haven’t been in the trade thread in a minute, yes, I still have both sticks. $30 each if you’re local.


Not sure if any of those people that posted before me have bought those sticks from you, but if not I would like to buy them. Can you ship them both for $20? I live in Indiana. I have the money already so just let me know. Thanks.


These still for sale?


How much for just the PCB and wires (dont need buttons, joystick or case)?


^^^^^ sell the wires and pcb to him. And sell me the case buttons etc