WTS: PDP PS3 Controller and PSP accessories

Just selling off a bunch of stuff i honestly just don’t need anymore.

PDP afterglow controller for PS3 and PC. Was going to rip this open and use the PCB to make an Arcade Stick but decided not too, so now i just have no use for it.

$10 shipped

And last are 2 PSP accessories. A nyko PSP car charger, and an Aluminum PSP hard carrying case. My PSP broke a LONG ass time ago and i thought i sold off all my PSP ish but apparently not. And i dont ever plan on buying another PSP ever again so i really have no use for these. I might as well also note that the nyko PSP car charger has never been used nor opened from its original package since i bought it so its new, but old stock.

$10 shipped for both.

What kinda cords does it need I’m interested only if I know I can get the cords (if u cant find them)

actually you don’t really need them in order to use the device. The recording shit i was talking about were the RCA composite Y-cable splitters. These are needed if you have a slow computer and need to output from a TV instead of directly from the console to avoid extreme lag while recording the input from the computer or something like that.

Long story short. If you have a hella fast sick ass powerful PC, you don’t need them, If you have a slow PC you do.But im including them with the device regardless whether you need them or not cuz i sure as hell won’t have any use for them. LOL

They’re hella tutorials all over youtube that will explain to you how to properly set it up in much better detail. All you need are the drivers (which you can download Free from the official pinnacle website) and Pinnacle Studio (which, again, you can download for free via torrent.)

thats about all i can give you.

Pinnacle DVC has been sold.
Removed SmartJoy Frag from the list.
Price drop on all remaining items.

PM sent.

Total Control Plus sold to CPR253