WTS Pelican Adapter

50$ shipped I offer it at this price because ive already been PMd about it at this price, but ill probably go with best offer.

Pelican adapter slightly used, nib, great condition.

PM me for details

This will be shipped Fri or Sat morning.

Will also trade for an Immaculate REAL adapter. you pay shipping.

pm sent

First one SOLD to Nutchos.

But i found another today at gamestop. Selling for Same price PM me folks. Same good condition.

Second sold to Knuckledust. Ill repost if i can get more.

Interested if another can be found.

Damn this must be easy money. I would drive around town all day for these if I still lived in a larger city. : /

understood will PM.

Damn I went to my Gamestop the othere day and they said they stopped carrying Convertors
Can this be used on PS2 games on a BC PS3?

IT can be used for any games on ps3, but this isnt the place to talk about it. Either PM me for questions or post in the tech thread forum.

vulkv i think i might have found another ill update you.

PMs Sent