WTS: Pelican Adapter

Adapter is in good working condition. Got it used on these forums, selling because it won’t work with ps1 digital pcbs. Tested and works perfectly on dual shock 2.


I also have a lot of heatware feedback as Slartibartfast:


Can you take a picture of it?

Will be up tonight

Pic added

What payment methods are you looking for, sir? I would be happy to take it off your hands, lol.

Ah sorry should have specified. Prefer direct transfer paypal, will do CC for another $2 (I get charged on CC transactions).

Can I ask this… what was that you were reading?!! lololl

I see “Magic the Gathering” in the sheet.

So I guess he was reading about that card game lol.

It’s Dave Sirlin’s presentation from this past GDC. You can also see my Pocket Fighter buttons in the upper-right corner :slight_smile:

I’ll pick this up, and will be paying through PayPal. Let me know.