WTS Playstaion 2 slim +games , Modded SF4 SE XB360 stick, & SFANNIV mod stick

I have for sale as a bundle a Playstation 2 slim

Memory Card


KOF XI - KOF 98 - SF Alpha Anth - NeoGeo Battle Coliseum - KOF Orochi Saga - & CvS 2 . Also SF collection for Xbox.

For $125 shipped

SF SE stick for Xbox 360 modded with Sanwa buttons and JLF - $70 shipped

It has some scratches and the wiring for the stick needs to be more secure. Somtimes the directions will cut out. I looked on the inside and it was just poorly taped from when I purchased it from someone else. It works fine after you push the connector in a little bit… but its not too hard to fix and it also needs a couple more screws for the bottom.

And Finally I have a SF Anniversary stick for PS2/XBOX that was modded with the Seimitsu buttons and the Sanwa JLF stick with the Seimitsu bubble top. Has the original box but its not in the best of shape…the cover came off but I still have it. Also the inside cord rack came off. I believe I still have the piece. It would just need to be super glued back on.
-$145 shipped

Pics to come soon. Also I do take Paypal or Money Order. Thanks

Here are the pics http://img28.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=163z.jpg