WTS: Playstation 2 w/ controllers ($40) and Dreamcast (Please Read)

I have a Playstation 2 console (Fat). The cover to the disk tray has been taken off. This includes AV cables, power cord, 2 mem cards, and 2 controllers (the controllers have been used quite a bit and may need to be replaced).
Asking - $45 OBO + Shipping

Playstation and PS2 games: Games prices do not include shipping… i’ll ship VIA usps and it will be around $5.

Wild Arms - $6

Tekken Tag Tournament (greatest hits) - $6
Tekken 5 - $7
VF 4 Evolution - $5
Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec - $6
Gran Turismo 4 - $7

I also have a Dreamcast for sale. READ THIS CAREFULLY. This Dreamcast works 100% for fighting games. BUT YOU MUST LOAD YOUR GAME PRIOR TO PLUGGING IN ANOTHER STICK, CONTROLLER, OR WHATEVER ELSE YOU PLUG IN. After you load the game you pull out the VMU and plugin the second stick… it works fine. It will not work with Perfect 360s… that will just make a blue screen appear like in MvC2. If you are using anything other than a perfect 360 or optical joystick it will work fine.

The dreamcast comes with 3 controllers, 2 controller extenders, 2 VMUs, AV cables… THERE IS NO POWER CORD.
$40 OBO + Shipping

I also have a VGA Adapter for DC that allows you to hookup the DC to a monitor. $12 +Shipping





shoot, too late. I’ll take cvs2 if it falls through.

If only I had cash…

I’ll take CVS2 if it falls through (again?).

If you can hold till friday I can buy CvS2 (if it’s complete), FFVIII (if it’s not Greatest hits)

I’ll grab FF8 and FF9, regardless of whether its Greatest Hits or not

ff8 and ff9 are sold.

PS2 price lowered

how much for just the PS2 -> XBOX converters?

55 and shipping

That copy of FF7 looks sexy. I might just cop it even though I won’t be able to play it for a long, long time.

ill ship ff7 for free.

swerve did you replace the resistor on your controller port board?

yes. but it doeesn’t handle perfect 360s.

How much for the the VGA adapter separately?! PM OR POST PRICE PLEASE! :lol: seriously.

sent payment this morning.

Did you get it dude?

thanks again :tup:

thats why it doesnt work with p360 :yawn: nvm im looking for a dc that hasnt been worked on.

FF8, FF9, and CvS2 are all gone.