WTS: Playstation 3 Backwards compatible 20gb /Kuroda Dvds


Near mint Playstation 3 20gb Backwards compatible version

comes with all necessary cables to use except an HDMI.

-hardrive 20gb

  • system version 3.41

I have no hard copies to pair it with cuz I haven’t used this in months. These are the only two games that will come with the system. Good thing they are both fgs.

  • battle fantasia
  • SSF2 HDR


add $20 for box

sold SFIV/Black ops

I’m selling a lot of all my kuroda dvds all in pristine condition except for the crappy boxes which are flimsy. They fall apart easily, though. I’m not selling them individually because when I sold my Makoto one the person sent it back to me cracked in a manner where it clearly was them who cracked it, and they demanded a refund. So dont ask…

if you’re new this can give you valuable insight on how to play only if you watch carefully, and don’t focus on stupid shit like combos and of course…parrying.


$50 shipped---->$40—$35 shipped

Plus, this dude hasn’t showered a day in his life so you know hes fucking good.

offers welcome


bump drop to $35 shipped


did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:


yes, and it was answered


added softy games


man those DVDs are mad soft!


added pics for jab fighta iv and black kops. Um, price drops as well.

please buy…I have addictionz


all the soft is gone

added a new softy item



drop on kuroda porn


dvd dropzzzzzz


I’d like to buy the Kuroda DVDs, but I can’t send you a PM since your mailbox is full.