WTS PlayStation 3 Real Arcade Pro. 3 Premium VLX 250$


I am selling my RAP VLX for PS3. I am getting overwhelmed in sticks here so I’d rather sell the big ones and keep my smaller TE sticks. It wasn’t used too much and is still in excellent condition. Comes without the box though. I am asking 240$ shipped.

Now also open to trades. Would be interested in a 250gigs xbox 360 slim. Will entertain other trades if they are interesting enough.



where are you located?


Can you post some pix’s so we can see the condition of the VLX?


I am going back home this Friday so I will definitely post pics when I get back.

I am located near Montreal.


Added picture and lowered the price (price now includes shipping so I am selling at a similar price as other sellers on the forum)






Has this sold yet? Are you still interested in selling?


thats a huge picture of a huge stick… no homo

free bump


Price lowered to 240$ shipped in the US. Packed and ready to go!


bump, now open to trades


Getting rid of the stick because it was an impulse buy and I already have too many of them, so not really intested in more sticks as part of a trade.


Me want. Sending pm



Good price for a great stick.


Is this $240 shipped within the US or Canada?