WTS: Pny 8800gts 320mb Pci-e

I recently upgraded my video card, so it’s time to get rid of the old one. Anyway, it’s a PNY 8800GTS 320MB PCI-E x16 card. It has the reference dual slot cooler that all of the cards came with. It’s in full retail packaging, but it is used. Everything that came with it is included, as I only ever took the card out of the box.

Newegg link.

As you can see, this card got very good reviews and it averages 5 eggs. It’s a great card, especially for those without huge monitors (below 1600x1200.) It’s worked great for me and I’ve never had a single problem with it.

It has a three year warrantyI bought it in April of last year, so it has 2+ years of warranty remaining.

Anyway, I’m looking for $170 shipped, and I’ll throw in a sealed copy of Halo 2 for PC.