WTS: posters, prewired ascii optical, evo2k4 2d set, and more

spring cleaning sale. only method of payment will be money order. all prices include shipping in the usa.

posters $20 shipped each or subtract $5 for each additional poster (all posters in unused condition and will be shipped in sturdy poster tube)

1 king of fighters neowave jpn ps2 promo poster 20-1/4" x 28-1/2" (sold to amputekthure)

1 soulcalibur 3 jpn ps2 promo poster 20-1/4" x 28-1/2"

1 samurai showdown tenka jpn ps2 promo poster 20-1/4" x 28-1/2" (sold to amputekthure)

1 darkstalkers vampire collection jpn ps2 promo poster 20-1/4" x 28-1/2" sold to amputekthure

1 capcom fighting evolution usa ps2 promo poster 22" x 28"

1 tekken 5 usa ps2 promo poster 22" x 28"

(will throw in a free used small tear japanese ggxx arcade 20-1/4" x 28-1/2" size poster if you buy any 3)
http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n5/akuma001/ggxx.jpg sold to amputekthure


prewired pcbs (pcb’s wired for 6 play buttons, start, select, analog/guide - if available)

2 official sony dualshock a series pcb w/sanwa 5pin harness and .110 quick disconnects $30 shipped each (1 sold to evawingzero)

http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n5/akuma001/aseriessoldering.jpg (soldered wiring on both instead of wireless hack)
1 innovation psx pcb w/sanwa 5pin harness and .110 quick disconnects $20 shipped (sold to djfunkshun)
1 official sony psx pcb w/ soldered ascii optical stick and .110 quick disconnects $80 shipped (includes new flat mounting plate, shaft cover set, and green balltop. replaced with new sanwa shaft/spring/actuator and relubed)
1 non common ground madcatz microcon w/ quick disconnects of your choice .187 or .110 $40 shipped


1 custom dreadedfist joystick happs competition stick and buttons, dualshock pcb $80 shipped (sold to suleman)


1 evo 2k4 2 disc 2d set (mvc2, 3s, ssf2t, ggxx, cvs2) $30 shipped

if you are local to the bay area and don’t mind picking up in Danville, CA i will wave shipping fees. cash only.

pm or post up for questions

items will be put on hold once you confirm you are buying.

thanks for looking :looney:

Damn, I want some of them PCB’s.

what the vampire collection look like… i call dibs till i see a pic and dont like it.

dibs on the DVD ;d

Pic of the posters? Interested in the T5 one

could be interested in soul calibur poster

everyone knows 3 was the best fucking version ever!

pics of the vampire poster???

updated with pics. sorry for flash on posters.

I want that for one a official sony dualshock a series pcb w/sanwa 5pin harness and .110 quick disconnects

Do you ship?

Interested on the 2k4 dvd.

sorry opips2 and daigo jr but i’m not offering international shipping at this time.

so far i have the following people interested in the following items. please send me a pm letting me know if you still want the items and i msg you back with my payment info.

dj matrix - vampire darkstalkers collection poster
shoo - evo dvd set
aka.john - t5 poster
djfunkshun - innovation psx pcb
suleman - df stick

everything else is available


looks kool ill take the vampire poster after all. thanks for the picture and holding for me.

pm me your payment info.

PM sent

weekend :dp::hp:

updated first post with sold stuff.

PM sent.

The Darkstalkers poster is sick…i wish i had seen this earlier

Is it possible to put a square Sanwa gate on the ASCII stick?

you can put a square gate on the ascii but it would need to be modified to snap in properly.

i unfortunately don’t have any square gates to spare but i have done the mod before to another stick.

sent payment


king of fighters poster
samurai showdown tenka poster