WTS: Preowned wii 125$ shipped pd / Interest check Stock SFAC buttons only 8 shipped?

Wii Used. One wii mote, no nunchuck. no games. AV cord and power cable.

lower 48 states

Interest check. Modding a friends SFAC stick. selling stock SFAC buttons. 8 shipped$ there the 8 red blue black white buttons.

please PM.

paypal only.


PMs sent price drop.

Final Price Drop.

PMs Sent.

NO trades. thanks.

Are you the original owner? Can you confirm the Wii has not been mod-chipped? Is shipping priority mail?

is it modchipped? homebrew? what wii system menu version is on the system?

would be awesome if you guys PMd me so i can answer your questions promptly

priority as in normal first class priority yes. if you want guarenteed 3 day it would be a little extra. no i am not the original owner, but the original owner was a good friend of mine from work.

non modded and has the latest update. i think its 4.3u cant remember but its the latest i downloaded it like a week ago.