WTS: Prices Lowered Again! Custom Tek-Case dual mod Fightsticks (ps3/360/pc)

Update: Blk/gold Case Sold!

I have two fightsticks I want to sell, all are in perfect working order. If you order any stick it will ship with the joystick taken out as to avoid any damage to the Plexiglas tops.

I have updated the pictures for the blk/gold case. As of 10/13/15 the blk/gold case will be sold with the black pearl balltop and gold flake dust washer.

Both Tek-Case fightsticks use paewang PCBs.

If you have questions please PM me or ask below.

I am open to other offers.

White pearl Tek-case with LED board ($95.00):



Prices Lowered.


They look very nice…

Well buy one! Hahaha

Price drop

PM Sent

New pic and info 10/13/15

Prices lowered 10-17-15

Is the paewang pcb compatible with the lab zero ps4 driver?

International shipping?

Yes it is compatible with the ps4 driver. I play usf4 all the time using these sticks.

Yea but don’t expect a discount because of the shipping expense

Answered above and in your PM