WTS: Primered QCF Case & PS3 TE

Okay got to unload some projects I left lying around for a while. Prices do not include shipping and will only ship to the lower 48 states. Paypal only.

Primered QCF Case Sold

This is a 6 button sanwa vewlix model that has been sanded down and primered. Also includes lexan for the backside of the case instead of a wooden panel. Original price for this is $40 but I will sell it for $30 + Shipping.




This was originally a gutted stick that I cleaned up a bit. Bottom panel is rusted up slightly but I was going to go use parts from arthong to modify the stick, just didn’t have the time. Included 8 twisted OSBN-30s that are still farily new and have been used only several times. Also inside is a SE sanwa imitation stick since I needed to put that in to test in the meanwhile. One issue with the stick though was while I was dremeling a hole inside the cord compartment, part of the cord was dremeled though, but it’s purely asthetic and the stick still works 100%. Price for this is $60 + shipping.




pm’d about the qcf case

Primered QCF Case is sold.

Price drop on the TE.