[WTS] Pristine Hori OG VLX PS3


Selling my pristine Hori OG VLX, PS3. I bought it from someone who had it sitting in the box, never used, opened to take pictures. I have everything that came with it. I used it a total of 3 light times. It’s basically open box, new.

$400 shipped in the USA, will ship in it’s original box.

I also have a Brook Super Converter (PS3 to PS4), paid for $40 for it. If you buy the stick, I’ll add it for $20.

Paypal only, I’ve done a number of successful transactions on SRK. If you have questions, please send a private message and we can discuss.

Thank you!


A real gentleman here folks, I know I don’t have much action in this market but for what is worth, buy with confidence.



If I could afford this magnificent piece I would totally! Looks amazing and worth every penny imho.


Tempted :laughing: