WTS: Professionally dual modded MvC2 TE


I’m trying to unload a few sticks. I accept Paypal, and **all prices include shipping and insurance to the continental US. **No international shipping, please!

Important: Unless you’re local, I will only sell to you if you if you’re eligible to sell on SRK (meaning you’ve been a member for at least six months and have fifty posts).

As I’m a professional modder, I can assure that my work is of utmost quality. I have over a hundred satisfied customers. I’m confident in my work, and all sticks I sell include a lifetime limited labor warranty, meaning if something goes wrong just ship it to me and I’ll fix it for free, unless I have to replace something.

If you need examples of my work or references, please see my sale thread:
** DRD’s Super Sexy Stick Modding Service**

Stick #1** SOLD!**

Stick #1

[details=Spoiler]Used PS3 R1 TE, dual modded to 360 by Gummowned, who added a 360 TE PCB. I went back in, redid some wiring, and added a headset jack for Xbox Live. Includes box if desired. Default system is PS3, slide stick selector to “RS” before plugging in for 360 mode. I can change that if you like, free of charge.

Condition: Very good. Was my personal stick for a while, so it was very well-maintained. JLF is new, as I replaced it to sell. Panel is new, and it’s from an Xbox 360, so you can confuse your friends by having a stick with a PS3 turbo panel but 360 artwork! :stuck_out_tongue: Minor scratches on frame from use. Small, dime-sized section by lower middle screw where artwork was lifted up.


[spoiler=Stick #1]

Is it a PS3 stick… or a 360 stick?

It’s both! XD

Headset jack, for those curious


Stick #2** SOLD!**

Stick #2

[details=Spoiler]New in box 360 R1 TE, dual modded to PS3 by myself using a ChImp. Autodetects.

Condition: Like new. Never used beyond what it took to remove from the box, dual mod, and test. Small scratch by start button.


[spoiler=Stick #2]


Stick #3 SOLD!

Stick #3


New in box PS3 MvC2 stick, dual modded to 360 by myself using a SFxT Fightpad + Imp V2. Rewired buttons to match SF default.

Condition: Like new. Never used beyond what it took to remove from the box, dual mod, and test.


[Spoiler=Stick #3]




Stick #4** SOLD!**

Stick #4


New in box 360 MvC2 TE, dual modded to PS3 by myself using a ChImp SMD. Autodetects. Rewired to TE SF standard.

Condition: Like new. Never used beyond what it took to remove from the box, dual mod, and test.


[spoiler=Stick #4]




WTB: Fightstick

Anychance you ship to the UK.


Sorry, but I no longer do international shipments. Too many problems in the past.

edit: If you’re in the London area, check with gahrling. He might be able to take care of you if you ever have a stick that needs modded.


Forgive the double-post, but I updated the thread with pictures! I’m already getting lots of questions about these sticks, so I’d hurry if you’re interested!


Whats up sexy man?

I’m interested in Stick #2 and Stick #4. I’d like to know how much for each stick if I come pick them up.

EDIT: I’d also like to know how much it would be to mod the joysticks so they are SNES/DC/PS2 compatible.


PM’ed you a price quote.


Stick #2 has a pending sale on it. I’ll post the results of the sale as soon as I either have the funds or a cancellation notice.


Stick #2 is back up for sale. I dual modded his existing stick instead. XD


Price drop on all sticks!

Also added some selling restrictions. Basically, I won’t sell to anyone who hasn’t been here for more than six months and has less than fifty posts. It’s just a general guideline I follow, no offense to anyone.


Final price drop. Can not go any lower. Actually losing money on these, but I need to push them now. Also added a few games. If these don’t sell by tomorrow I’m putting them on eBay.


Stick #2 has a potential buyer. Just sent him my paypal info, and I’m waiting on confirmation of the sale.

edit: Stick #2 has sold!

edit edit: removed games for sale. Amazon.com is giving generous amounts of trade-in-credit for those titles.


Just received Stick #2. Everything is nice and neat; not a single thing I’m not perfectly satisfied with on this stick. Thanks DRD!


Ah, darn. Got excited but read your guideline. It’s hard being a complete newbie to the fighting scene and looking for a decently priced stick, this ‘bonus’ feature would have been nice though.

Totally respect that though. Perhaps I’ll have you mod whatever I get if the need arises.


got stick 1 still?


Yup. Want it?


i might be interested in stick #1. if i pay today, how soon can i get it?


I’ve shipped to the Orlando area before and it didn’t take long. Weds or Thurs if I shipped tomorrow, possibly sooner.


pm me man.


Attention prospective buyers: All current sticks are sold, sorry! I should have some more sticks up around the end of the month, so feel free to check with me then!

Of course, if you have an existing stick that you’d like to add more systems to, I do have a respected dual modding service with reasonable rates! Details here:

** [COLOR=#1d6297]DRD’s Super Sexy Stick Modding Service**[/COLOR]


Stick sold! Might put another one up tomorrow (er, today…) so stay tuned!