WTS: PROJECT GS PS3/360 STICK $140 , Custom Stick Feet


Selling some stuff, trying to clean out closet.

First up is a custom stick I got made from those great folks at project GiantSword. The frame is beatup from traveling. The parts are for the most part new. It has a JLF with screw in sanwas. I also added weights inside the stick to give it heft(I believe it weighs 8 pounds). The stick also has dual system pcb just hold the turbo to switch. NOTE: I did not use QDS so it will take a bit to change the buttons etc.

looking for 140 shipped or obo ( will negotiate)







Old ass Dual Mod Setup SOLD

This is a old dual mod I did, It has a madcatz 360 pcb with cthulu 1.4(I upgraded,it recently) I will include the qd terminal(Its missing qds for one button) from the TE stick. it also comes with the turbo panel.

Te stick base 40 SOLD

Selling the original TE base from my first ever custom. The base is in decent condition. Does not have the top metal panel and also missing a rubber foot on the bottom(due to a switch).

Wwe Allstars Case

Just selling the case buttons and membranes from a fightpad. I know ppl wear thers out. This was never used just took the pcb.


JINX Feet for sticks

JINX FEET(THANKS Saitou). I am pretty sure you will know when you see them. The paint job wasnt the cleanest(its his work) but the function fine. These are new by the way.


12 shipped each pair





WTB Dual Modded Stick.

good luck on that Project GS. I’d love to get that, but I have plenty of sticks already. =/

Jinx is the one who introduce the aluminum feet. They’re actually made by Lian Li for their computer cases.


Thanks!! long live QCF enterprises


DUal mod and te stick base is gone


price drop 190 shipped!


price drop 180


Yo Hit me up on PM wanna talk about that stick


sent a pm


WIlling to part the PROJECT GIANTWORD STICK let me know 150 shipped for everything!

IT has a Paewang dual mod pcb ($50 shipped)
Sanwa buttons (soldered) and JLF ($35 shipped)
PRoject GS case ($85 shipped)


PM’s sent.


replied, man SRK is gonna get me fired lol.


Free bump for Hak. Buy from this man. Great products being sold by a great guy.


Thanks Final price drop


Man, I’d be all over that stick if it wasn’t for not having QD’s lol


Ok I can’t pass this up.


Pending payment


Let me know if you sold the stick after all if not I’ll grab that bad boy


sold =( =)


Uggghhhhhhh :frowning: