WTS: PS Vita Games + Extras


Hello I just got rid of my Vita and decided to sell my games on here. I’m selling each Game $20 Shipped. Only games Available is Uncharted and Mortal Kombat.
Only Accepting Paypal Payments and Only shipping in the U.S. Feel free to pm me for any questions and Thanks in advance!

Real Arcade Pro Travel Bag Pro $20 Shipped.




Gravity Rush and Mk already sold.


PM sent


Hori Bag also sold




Damn I wanted gravity rush :confused:


PM sent!

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What’s still available?


Is the online pass for Wipeout 2048 used?


I would like to purchase UMvC3 & Uncharted if still available.
PM sent.


Is Uncharted still available?

Also, for those who still wanted MK, it’s on sale at Gamerob for $20 as well.

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Never heard back…Did they all sell??
I was too damn slow?? :eek:


Ok I found all my games, I had a problem where I had them in a small case and I lost it I had to refund every ones money back. The only games on sale right now is Uncharted and Mortal Kombat. I sold the other games to friends. If interested send me a PM. if interested. Still $20 Shipped.