WTS: PS Vita/PS3 SSD/Evo Monitor/Custum 360 Hitbox Arcade Stick


The following items I have for sale come with their original box, and is in good too very good condition.

PS3 comes with a 60gb SSD (loads games faster off hard drive) by OCZ technology.
Sixaxis Controller
A few games on disc (Resistance 2, MK vs DC, Final Fantasy 11, RAW, Motor Storm, I think theres more I’ll include them all for free)
On the HDD itself installed, comes Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection, SF2 HD, Thirdstrike Online Edition, Mortal Kombat 9, and all the DLC for SF4: AE.
Comes with box and vertical stand (this is the latest manufactured version of the PS3 so it doesn’t stand up on its own).

Evo monitor comes in the original ASUS box, I include a brand new unopened HDMI cable and the power cable. Box has a handle, its convinient. Monitor itself still has the original plastic condom around the screen.

PS Vita Wifi Edition comes with the original box, and AR cards in mint condition (I never opened the manual for this, same goes for the PS3 all the original manuals are still sealed), 2 wall chargers, usb cable, 20 dollar Hori 2 sided screen protector, the screen front and back are mint. The nubs are mint I only used the D-Pad for the short time I played the games I installed on it. Comes with UMVC3, and MK9 for the PS Vita. The VITA and the PS3 are currently set up between two accounts and a backup of the PS Vita is on the PS3 HDD. Comes with a 32GB vita memory card.

The name of the PS3 account is "karefoot"

The Vita account:

Looking too sell the PS Vita/PS3 togethor because they are synced together. You need two accounts because for crossplay games like Ultimate Marvel.

It is currently set up for remote play so you can launch the PS3 from the Vita.

The hitbox was modded by www.CanadianJoysticks.com and it is based on the Hori HRAP. VX-SA and uses all white sanwa 23mm/30mm buttons and the plastic cover that you can put your own art into is currently empty so you can put whatever you want. If you buy this hitbox I will include a free 360-> PS3 converter. No pictures atm because Jackson from www.CanadianJoysticks.com will be returning it to me by wed so I can get you high res pictures of it by then.

PS3+VITA+Evo Monitor+Hitbox Arcade Stick

I am located in Vancouver, BC, Canada -> Prefer local pickup over shipping, all items come in their original boxes unless you don’t care -> Would prefer too sell as much of this togethor as possible. I want to go to Evo this year and own all the toys and gadgets too boot but I can’t afford it.

Other stuff for sale/trade: Nintendo Wii with full accessories, two controllers, two numchucks, two gamecube controllers, PS3 shaped controller
PS2 with two controllers, and about 40 loose games.
N64 controller
2 NES controllers
A SNES shaped USB PC controller

Pet free, kid free, smoke free home.
If I sell all this I may still be a judge for Evo this year.


Also have some misc 30mm sanwas, 23mm sanwas, 1 JLF + mounting stand, and the original JLF button layout so you can convert your hitbox back into the original Hori arcade stick with 4 gate.

Also have an 8 way gate for a JLF.

Raising money so I can pay rent and still make Evo. Thank you.


Pics and prices please.


I’m asking for 600 for the PS3/VITA/Evo monitor combo. Free shipping. There is a lot here too unbox if you need pictures I can setup the monitor and PS3 obviously that isn’t a problem. But I am not spreading buttons and jlfs all over my floor they are all mint. I’ll get a 1080p camera in the meanwhile.

The hitbox pre-mod:
Can get an after picture after next wed. Comes with box.

Vita comes with two wall chargers:

Vita also comes with two branded carrying cases.

Everything else just make an offer/barter. Willing too make free shipping deals internationally.


Bump for a great guy :slight_smile:


PS2 with two controllers, and about 40 loose games.
N64 controller

Pics. I might want some PS2. Definitely want the 64 controller depending on what it looks like.


How much the octo gate shipped to 95209? And whats the price on custom hitbox, checking for a friend.


looking to buy evo monitor only - are you selling the items separate? if so, shipping to 95014?


You cant do that. Everything must have a price, in the first post preferably. You can make it $??? OBO (or best offer) but it has to be priced.


Because not everyone is made of money I am open too all barters thank you for reading my ad. Nothing is a set price, and because I am getting kicked out of my house I am flexible.

I am sure I can get away with putting into an envelope. Hitbox looks like an VX-SA. I paid 149 for it retail and than it cost me 50 dollars too have it modded into a hitbox + all the 23mm sanwas. Asking for 165 shipped, I also paid for the plexiglass wrist cover where you can put your own art (its clear). I can have a picture for you on wed.

Its a blue N64 controller and its in great condition. I have no access too my storage room at this very moment I can get you a picture of the PS2, the stack of games, and the two controllers its the newer version of the PS2 (and the n64 cont). You can make an offer once I show you the pic.

UPS Standard - Same Day Pickup
43.40 CAD
Declared ValueFree
Fuel Surcharge4.82 CAD
Residential Surcharge2.50 CAD
Shipment Total:50.72 CAD

It costs 50 dollars too ship so make me an offer based around that I will ship it in the retail packaging with the handle. This is assuming I am shipping it with just the monitor, no cables, and I am declaring it as 100 dollar value (its worth 200, so I can take the loss on the shipping shipped for 145 USD)

Sorry for the lack of pictures I am running in safe mode at this moment and I am having PC troubles. Other than that everything is still for sale. I also have an official Hitbox from Hitbox arcade. I can take pictures on my main camera which is high quality but I am waiting for the cable that lets me connect it to my PC too arrive from eBay. I can take cellphone pictures with my blackberry but I feel these are inadequate I will take proper pictures.

My phone is charging now I just got it back from the repairshop. Nothing like debt and stress too make you spend more money. Honestly I am willing too sell everything individually I have experiencing shipping.

I just found an array of button colors 30mm sanwas, a round gate, the square gate as mentioned above, 8 way gate and some assorted 23mms.

Custum hitbox picture this wed, and with it the PS3 (on with stand), cheers.


it’s SRK staff rules that you must post prices on your items. Though we understand that you are trying to be as flexible as possible this is to prevent someone who is willing to deal with you only to be shut out by a higher offer.


Solid stuff. I’ll wait on those PS2 games but I’m definitely in for that controller for N64.


PS3/Vita/Hitbox pictures, sorry this is so late. I can take more pictures.


what’s the current firmware on the PS3?


3 month old firmware (its been that long since last update), there are some games like MK9/SF3/MK Arcade Kollection. I can include the login details for the games, the MK9 account is ranked top 40 for World 1v1 Globally. 60GB SSD.

I also have 6 disc games as well that I can include with it, comes with the box, controller, cable, and blue neon USB stand that acts as a 4 port splitter from 1 usb port in the front (the new slim has 2 less USB ports this fixes that).

The N64 controller is a mint blue n64 controller:


Seriously dude, you need prices on everything and they should be in the first post. These are the rules of these forums. This thread will actually be closed if you decide to not follow these rules and no one wants to see that happen.