WTS: PS1/2/3 Import Fighter Bundles + Zero Gunner 2 Dreamcast



   I have the following items for sale.  I'd like to keep the bundles together unless given individual offers for the majority of items.  Prices include conus shipping but will ship worldwide as long as buyer pays the difference.  Looking for paypal  or Amazon credit.  Thanks for looking.

PS1 Bundle - $70 shipped:


Makeruna Makendo 2 w/ spine, Poy Poy 2, Magic Beast Warriors, Lightning (w/ character move cards), Fighters Impact w/ spine, Critical Blow, Angel Eyes (Touki Denshou) w/ spine and reg. card. All games with the exception of Poy Poy 2 and Magic Beast Warriors are in excellent condition.

PS2 Bundle - $65 shipped


Arcana Heart, Arcana Heart 2, Bleach: Heat the Soul, Street Fighter 2 Anniversary/Darkstalkers (Vampire) combo pack, some Bandai robot fighting game I can’t remember the name of, Erementar Gerad (not pictured), Gundam Seed Destiny II Plus, Simple 2000 vol. 91, Metal Slug 3 (PAL), Metal Slug 4/5 (US), Metal Slug 6, Samurai Shodown 6. All games are in excellent condition.

PS3 Bundle: - $80 shipped


Shin Koihime Musou LE (character stickers, soundtrack CD), JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle, Nurarihyon no Mago-Hyakki-Ryouran-Taisen, Gundam Extreme VS. All games are in excellent condition.

Zero Gunner 2: - $75 shipped


Like new w/ spine.