WTS: PS1/2 pads, Sanwa buttons (30, 24), MeshBall

Red Mesh Ball Top $12

PS1 controller (no dual analog) $10
PS1/2 Capcom Akuma Street Fighter Pad $15
PS2 Horizontal Stand $5
40gig Harddrive $20


6 Sanwa OBSN 30 buttons. 2red, 2yellow, 2 orange
5 Seimitsu 24mm screwin buttons (black)


SOLD to JaycetheACE: 6 Yellow/ 2 White Sanwa OBSF30 Buttons, 2 white OBSF24
SOLD to JaycetheACE: Sanwa JLF SK w/ yellow and white balltop
SOLD to RoboGem II: SE Fight stick sanwa mod
TRADED to Meus: Byrdo Blank Case black curly maple
SOLD to ibeatu: Fully wired Madcatz 360 PCB

u just got that byrdo :frowning: thats a great price seeing mine was 425 shipped same wood

^^yeah too narrow for my taste^^

Sanwa buttons and ball tops and JLF SK sold to JaycetheACE

PM sent even though I can’t afford it.

Payment sent, so far so good.

price drop on SE STick, Byrdo Stick, BlaackBerry
Just got a call from my lawyer this morning and I have a bill due march 15th for him, So I simply have got to get rid of this stuff

blackberry for tmobile or at&t?

verizon. but I think they may be transferable between providers

Thanks for looking

no unfortunately only someone with verizon can take that off your hands thank you though.

SE FightStick with Full Sanwa Mod sold to RoboGem II


Sry dood, thanks for the purchase.

I guess I’m alittle out of it today, since Dr. Light came into the coffee shop this morning.
No joke, I didnt have the balls to ask for a picture with him. But He could have walked straight into Comicon and passed as the best Dr. Light there

who is that dr light the comic book character lol ?

Dr. Light From Mega Man. I know there are Udon Mega Man comics so I assume some one would show up as him.
To be honest, I dont know anything about Comicon, I just had to tell someone, that might understand the gravity of the situation, that I saw Dr. f*ing Light today.
he’s actually a Chef with a big white beard and hair and fatness, plus he’s old. Imma gget the balls to get a photo with him some day

we better stop chatting in here or we will catch infractions from Valaris or Fir

lol …

PM sent

Price drop on Black berry and PS1 pad

price drop again. arRRgh

Offering Bydro as blank case now $150 with plexi and mounting plate