WTS: PS1/2 to XBox360 Converter


what do you mean by digital? Would it work with an hrap2? Have you tried the keyboard and mouse feature?

I’m only going by what Markman said and I think it should work with an hrap2 going by sdtekken. It works with my nubytech sfae stick and that has a mediocre pcb compared to hraps.

I’ve tried the keyboard feature once before for hd remix and it does work. I never used the mouse feature, although I’m sure it does work.

might be interested, will get back to you.

gotta check if my pcb is digital but put me in line

edit: i’ll take it if no one’s in front of me

Is this already gone? I can have someone pick it up from you @ UC Davis if you still have it.

I’ll even pay you the shipping even though it’s direct pickup?

I dunno, get back to me.

There are currently 6 people who want the converter. Mexicant, you get first priority since I don’t have to do shipping and you do not have to pay shipping at all.

Then it would be Shodokan (if he decides that he wants it), Roushiei and the three on pms in the order that they posted. So whoever posted first can claim it and then so on if Mexicant can’t get his friend to meet up with me.

Guess i should have offered to pick it up, davis is like 30 min away. oh well i’ll just hope.

If Mexicant can’t do it, you can come up and just pick it up saving you shipping and we could just play some Street Fighter 4 at the MUGA :smiley:

Cool. It might make me late for work but i’d do it. I’ll just wait and see what happens.

I’m not sure if you’re allowed to do that Dennis (selling an item to the sixth guy in line just because he offers to pick it up/because you’re lazy). :looney:

Kinda unfair to everyone else who posted first, if you ask me.

I’ll buy and pick up tonight if available!!!

Alright. Tight. Lemme Call him up and see what he’s up to. Hope I didn’t create too much drama in your thread haha.

Tried to PM you…but Only have 3 posts including this one ><

I know, David, I fucked up with priority (and he wasn’t the sixth guy in line). I didn’t realize that a lot of people would want it and I guess there’s a lot of people who have playstation arcade sticks/keyboards that they want to use. It was pretty much the guy who pmed me first versus the guy who wanted to pick it up locally and then there was a lot of questions and changing minds. I know some threads before mine usually prefer local pickup and I should have put that in the op. I was being too oblivious. I would like to ship it out now to the first person who contacted me, but I would be going back again with my deal that I said would go through with local pickup. blargh

I apologize to everyone for going with local pickup in the end and I can’t go back now even if it was the deal that seemed to be backing out, but then came back versus the one that was going to go through.

But yeah the item has been sold. Mods, please close the topic.