WTS PS1 Bundle, Sanwa accessories, buttons **PRICE DROPS 8/9**

Looking to clear some extras, US and paypal only please!

Playstation 1 Bundle - $30 shipped


Playstation Console in perfect working condition with hookups
2 Original Memory Cards and 1 MEGA Memory Card
1 RFU Adaptor
3x Controllers (2 Original and 1 Analog)
10x Games (In Jewel Cases with instructions unless noted otherwise)
– Formula 1: Championship Edition
– F1: 2000
– NBA Live '98
– Blast Lacrosse
– Crash Bandicoot (In case, no instructions)
– NFL Xtreme (Blank case, no instructions)
– NFL Gameday '98
– Triple Play '99
– WWF Smackdown
– 2Xtreme (Greatest Hits)
– Random Demo Disk (Twisted Metal 2, Crash Bandicoot, NCAA Football Gamebreaker, Tekken 2)


Sanwa White OBSF-24 x2 - ON HOLD

Brand new, never been installed.


Sanwa LB-35 Dark Hai Balltop - SOLD
Sanwa LB-35 Violet Balltop - $3 shipped
Hori Green Balltop from EX2 - $2 shipped

Both for $4


Sanwa GT-8F Square Restrictor Plate (JLF) - SOLD
Sanwa GT-O Round Restrictor Plate (JLW) - ON HOLD

These have not been used!


Yenox P1 & P2 Pushbuttons w/ switches - $3.50 shipped

These are slightly shorter and tighter than the HAPP equivalents.


I do also have some JLF dust washers, 3 of them. If anyone wants them…idk $1 each, $1.50 for all 3.

bump for price drops

WTS b15sdm custom, Sanwa accessories, buttons, MX518

I’ll buy mouse if still available. Send payment tonight. Thanks!

I’ll buy the mouse if zeetes falls through.

ill take the square gate off your hands if no one is taking it. i can pay thursday morning.

Multiple price drops, bump!

still avail, yes… Pm meh

im paying for the square gate now.

treid pm but your box is full. You wont ship to canada>? Does the deejay stick have all 8 buttons ?

sorry, I cleared out my inbox, pm me again :slight_smile:
yes there’s 6 on the face, 2 on the side, and start/back/guide on the back. Pm me, i’ll ship to canada

DeeJay stick sold, added PS1 bundle and dropped prices…bump!

Interested in the PS1 bundle… how much do you think it will be shipped to Chile?

US only unfortunately :sad: jumping through multiple hoops for an international shipment as we speak

i’ll take the GT-O for $4 shipped. pm me your paypal info please!

:frowning: okey, good luck

let me know if you change your mind