WTS PS1 games

Now selling

Final Fantasy 7 CIB Mint condition 45 Shipped
Megaman Legends no box (works but resurfacing wouldn’t hurt.) 20 shipped
DS lite (great condition no stylist or charger) battery pretty much charged (from previous owner) 50 shipped
Pokemon Crystal (doesnt save and previous owner said that in order to get it to save again you need to 14 shipped reroute some traces.some game stores do it for a really good price)'
Metal Gear Solid ps1 (CIB Great Condition) small scratch on the top corner of the case but thats about it as far as cosmetic damage is concerned.25 shipped
Ds Lite (for parts Top screen is completely white but you might be able to use its parts for something.) 25 shipped
Legend of Mana (Mint CIB) (Import JP) 25 shipped\

Looking for (might trade) I am saving money for a project so i can not guarantee i will make a deal for these items but please do pm me i might find the deal too good to pass up on
Zero no tsukaima Light Novel Set (original jp copies)
Spice and wolf Light Novel set (up to date english only please)
Melancholy of haruhi Suzumiya Light novel Set (will take both eng and jap)
Toradora Light Novel Set
Clannad Visual Novel (full packaging) pc

for shipping I will be using USPS flat rate boxes

for the pokemon game though I will use a padded envelope.

Price is negotiable Please contact me if you want pics info or anything .

You didn’t say what system the TE is for. If it’s 360 would you be willing to part out the PCB?


If it isnt sold as a whole and i get a decent price on the parts Im fine with parting. and yes its for xbox

If you part it out. what would you want for the 6 buttons? If so pm me please?

Damn, I was all excited about Legend of Mana for 30$ and then I clicked on the link to see it’s the JP version :confused:

Yeah. when i first saw it when i got it i though it was eng then when i saw it was jp i thought cool maybe my ps3 can play it. i was wrong but good thing i have a modded ps2

Pmed Trippfan & UNW4NT3D

Bump Updated price on te parts as well as items on my craigslist ad.


PM’d for the PCB.

PM’d for the case.

Replied to everyone And added a ds lite.

Is the top panel for the te damaged or is it just the artwork that has that problem.

the mounting bracket for the top panel needed to be welded on so its fine its just that the inside doesnt look as good as a brand new te panel

Oh i see. How much would you let it go for? Just the top panel.

Didn’t message me :’(

Replied about TE Case.

Shipped TE case and pcb

Is Albert’s Odyssey complete?