WTS: PS1 Namco (SOLD), Sanwa-modded T5 (SOLD), RedOctane empty box (SOLD)

I’ve got a couple sticks here for sale. These are PS1/2 sticks and I don’t have a PS2 anymore nor do I play with a converter with them on my DC.

All prices are including shipping to US ONLY. If at all possible, I’d really like to avoid shipping outside of North America; I’ve had bad luck with my local mail carriers taking care of the stuff that I ship out of the continent.

I’ve got a virgin Namco PS1 stick. Unmodded. I opened up the bottom to take a look at the guts, but I never got around to modifying it. Only used it once or twice. Works real well. $45 FIRM - SOLD TO V4MPIRO

Next stick is a Sanwa-modded Tekken 5 stick. Modded with a Sanwa JLF and Sanwa screw-ins with Sanwa snap-ins for the Start/Select. This was my second stick mod. I soldered one of the buttons onto the board without a Sanwa screw-in nut because it wouldn’t screw in completely. However, this doesn’t affect performance and the button doesn’t slip. One of the buttons doesn’t respond well when playing, but I haven’t used it in a long time to determine which one (plus, I don’t have a PS2). Face of stick also has a few semi-deep scratches due to a dancing Dremel when modding the button holes. **WOULD LIKE TO GET $50 OUT OF IT, BUT IF IT’S TOO HIGH, POST AN OFFER. SOLD to gamingnow.net

Also have a slightly-modified old-school Red Octane skeleton stick box. This was my first arcade stick project. Original PCB that came with it was DOA, so I pulled it out and used a PS1 PCB (not included). Bottom was routed out a bit to accomodate a HAPP P360. Also includes a drilled Lexan sheet cut by old-school SRK stick genius Armadillo. Red tape on the sides were switched out for standard old electrical tape. Very thick material that this box is made out of, definitely made for HAPP parts. WOULD LIKE TO GET $45 OUT OF IT, BUT IF IT’S TOO HIGH, POST AN OFFER. SOLD to rcaido

I take and would prefer Paypal. If you’re interested go ahead and shoot some PMs my way.

dibs on the t5 stick.

Ill take that namco.

Wow you dudes are fast. PMing both of you now. :tup:

Bump for all sold. Thanks folks!

A Sanwa modded T5 stick for $50.00!

DAMN! That was a nice bargain.