WTS - PS2/3 Byrdo Custom Stick **SOLD**


PELICAN PS2-PS3 Converter
I was able to swap out the USB cord on them and they are now 100% functional, like new but with a much more durable cable. SOLD OUT but more are coming

Byrdo Organized Chaos Zebra Hardwood Custom PS2 stick



REQUESTED BOTTOM PIC - Crappy iPhone quality



I’m interested in the 360 EX2 if you can hold it for me for a couple days.


I’ll take the JLF stick. PM’d.


because its not hype unless you psychic DP with an erection


Im intersted in those juicy tits on your stick.




LOL i completely forgot about that when i was taking pics. Yeesh it mustve been a long time since ive used that stick.

MODs, i dunno if the stick violates anything here on SRK. If it does, ill take it down.


:rofl: it does. just take the pic and photoshop that part to be blurred out.





where are the original pics?! :frowning: i missed somethign good.

PM them :wink:


ANNNNNND were back…


Birthday cake!

Good luck with the sales.


Lololololololololololololololololol <3 cake! +rep


oh my god the photoshop edits :rofl:


All PMs replied.


ahh i missed the edits? lol. i respect that



Im dying with that birthday cake, has me doing a Roflcopter in my cube!

I love it man! Love it!

P.S. Please PM me those juicy tits, thanks! :tup:

EDIT: Sasmasta tha Masta! Osu! :karate:


Buyers - They sticks have shipped and I will be sending you pics of the cleaned up sticks when i get outta work. Thanks for your business.


More sticks added. Check 1st post.


I sorta wanna see the stick without the whole LOL thing on it.