WTS PS2 and Games

PS2 Silver Redesign- Almost brand new. Bought new and played maybe four or five times. Will come with the box with everything as it originally came (controllers, hookups, etc) . Will also come with a memory card- $70 shipped.

Cvs 2- 20 shipped


i’m interested in samsho anthology and ggac+ if they are the u.s. versions and complete. can paypal right away if they are and are still available.

Damn you, where was this thread yesterday, I just bought GG brand new yesterday. :lol:


AC and SamSho are on hold for Elementalor. If he can’t pay then you can have them Akuma001, and yes they are US and complete.

What kind of shape is the CvS2 in? Im looking for one thats mint and complete

It doesn’t have the manual. Just the box and game. Both are in good shape though.

How scratched up are the game discs?

AC and SamSho are basically brand new, they have no markings on them. CvS 2 has the kind of small scratches you’d expect from an 8 year old game but nothing major. It runs fine and I’ve never had a problem wit h it.

Heh sorry for the wait guys, forgot to settle this before I went out today. But I just sent payment, so they’re spoken for. =)