WTS: PS2, DS and DC Finkle stick (toronto only)

Want to get rid of some games for the PS2, DS and a DC stick made by finkle a while back. I want to get rid of these in Toronto if possible. I really don’t know much about shipping stuff so it’d be easier if I could sell these in person. All are rarely used and work perfectly. The stick I’m selling because I don’t use my dreamcast that much anymore.

Import PS2 games

Garou: Mark of the Wolves - $15

GGXX: Slash: The midnight carnival - $20

Bloody Roar 3 - $10

SSTenka - $20

Melty Blood act cadenza - $30

DS games

Etrian Odyssey - $30

Jump Ultimate stars - $20

Custom Robo - $30




The stick has been used quite a few times, but works fine. Have had no problems with it. There’s some minor scratches on the surface. Another thing is I don’t think the bottom part lies completely flat on the table. Haven’t done anything to it and never really cared much since I just placed it on my lap. Not sure how much finkle sticks go for now so feel free to let me know a good price.

Just my luck, I’m short cash for that stick. :sad:

That is a really good price for a finkle stick even for it being used. Most people would probably want it for ps2 but they could always put a new pcb in there.