WTS: PS2, Games, Stick


I need to make some dough to get my car on the road, so I’m willing to part with my trusty PSdeuce. She’s treated me good over the years.

Wanting 50.


Darkstalkers Collection (J) : 20
Third Strike (J) 20
CvS2 (J) 25

I’ll also throw in my CD wallet with other things. PM me for more specs.

Also seeking to sell my Happ competition stick, PS1 board, tested and works on PS2, DC and PS3. Purple buttons and hard spring. Made by Dreaded Fist.

Asking 90 Shipped.


Bumping this.


pm sent


I just need the Darkstalkers collection, can you give a good price on this?


I’d rather trade them all at once, but yeah, I’ll do deals on the games.




Bump this.