WTS: PS2/GCN games, Sanwa buttons, JLF joystick

Crossposted from bms, basically just sellin some stuff I got lying around. Prices are in US dollars, if you need some buyer/seller reassurance or whatever here’s my ebay thing or whatever: (eBay profile etc) Games are for the most part PS2 unless stated otherwise

Not fighting games:
PHOTO: Games

Imports: Asking $20 shipped for each, feel free to haggle

  • Initial D Extreme Stage (JP)

Fighting games: Everything is $13 shipped OBO unless otherwise stated, discounts for buying multiple items
PHOTO: PS2/GCN spread
PHOTO: A3+99

  • Soul Calibur 2
  • Guilty Gear XX SLASH (JP)
  • Capcom vs SNK 2: EO (EASY OPERASHUN) (GCN)
  • Capcom vs SNK 2 (PS2)
  • The King of Fighters Maximum Impact (hahahah) $7 shipped
  • The King of Fighters 2006 (Maximum Impact 2) $7 shipped
  • Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
  • Tekken Tag
  • Tekken 4 $7 shipped
  • Tekken 5 $7 shipped
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PS1)
  • The King of Fighters '99 (PS1)

Stick parts:
PHOTO: Stick Parts Spread

  • (6) Green Sanwa microswitched Hori pushbuttons: originally hrap1 stock, cleaned a little and had the microswitches replaced with Sanwas. They feel greattttt Asking: $15 shipped
  • (6) OBSN-30 White Sanwa pushbuttons: Equipped with the orange lugs; should still fit as replacement pushbuttons in a Madkatz SE and are for the most part the best pushbuttons you should be using for a custom stick with a wooden enclosure. All Sanwa on these. Asking: $20 shipped
  • (3) PS-14-GN 30mm Seimitsu pushbuttons (black rim, white plungers): These were supposed to be 24mms but woppsss. Might just throw these in with the other two sets if someone wants 'em for an extra 5bux
  • (1) Sanwa JLF joystick: Does not come with wiring harness, Octo gate. Comes with dustwashers, comes with both a grey and white ball top. Asking: $22 shipped OBO

You MUST list prices for all things you have for sale. There is no “give me an offer” type sales on SRK. You can only OBO as long as you have an asking price for a said item.

Removed sold items, updated prices a bit