WTS: PS2 Hori Pro Stick, Figure, Games, KOF Grab Bag

Thought I would give the fighter community a chance to get this stuff before I throw it on EBay.


PS2 Hori Real Arcade Pro Fighting Stick - like new (SOLD)

Marvel vs Capcom 2 - ($50)

(Bundle - $60)
Art Of Fighting Anthologies
Fatal Fury Battle Archives volume 1
King of Fighters XI
KOF 2001/2000
Street Fighter Alpha anthologies
World Heroes Anthology

Grab bag contains: Leona mint condition unopened figuring (about 10-11 inches), Fatal Fury Trucker Hat, PS3 lanyard, PS3 keychain flashlight, 20 unopened packs of KOF trading cards, four large KOF XII collectible cards, gift certificates for KOF XII ($80)

PM me if interested

you have to put prices with shipping if possible and pics of the stick would be nice

pmd but I think you need prices…

can i just buy the grab bag items

You need to post prices. You’re basically making this eBay if you don’t.

I am interested in the grab bag. Do you have pictures. If you are selling the items individually then I would like the Fatal Fury Trucker Hat depending on price.

Would love to know the price of the HRAP.

Sorry guys I forgot to stick prices on there. I’ll edit them in.

Is that an hrap 1 or 2? Different layouts is why I’m asking.

terry’s hat, price and pic plese.

Sorry guys, I’m trying to get a camera as we speak for pics. I might try and use my roomies Iphone.