WTS PS2 HRAP w/Sanwa buttons + original parts

Sup everyone, I’m trying to unload one of my sticks to build up some cash for MWC and Power Up.

It’s a Hori Real Arcade Pro stick for PS2, namely the one that has the green buttons.

I swapped out the original buttons for 8 blue sanwa buttons, and swapped the green ball top on the stick for a matching blue one. The stick is stock.

I will also include the original green buttons and the green ball top, but i think one of the green buttons might be close to dieing.

Other than that the stick is used, but still in good working order. I’m looking for around $160.

I also have converters to gamecube, ps3 and 360 that i can add on for a few extra dollars. Let me know if you’re interested!