WTS :PS2 import games bundle, snes gameS bundle and more fighting game stuff!

All prices shipped in US
Snes cart bundle $45 shipped
Comes with
Killer instinct
Mortal kombat
Mario world 1 & 2
Star fox
World heroes 2
Tmnt Tournent fighterS
Super metroid
Mario kart
Rtype 1 COPY
Thunder spirits

Super Mario all- stars strat guide $20

Castlevania blood lines cart only 10

PS2 Import bundle

Gundam seed
Guilty gear xx slash
Samurai spirits 5
Elemental gelade
Mega ten devil summoner
Arcana heart 1
Bouncy boobs tennis

$60 shipped

Any questions just ask I can mail pictures to u via email
Or if someone can host for me I will send em their way.
More coming tonight


also this guys legit i have actually bought a ton of stuff from him.
also interested in berserk by itself, can the game be completed with out english?

YeAh it can but gamefaqs is a major help :slight_smile:

I’m dead curious to see what Bouncy Tennis looks like just upload a pic to imageshack and post it here.

I’m interested in Beserk by itself as well. Maybe the bouncing boobs game too.

I Have been trying all day but the site doesn’t work for me >:(

photobucket then

Them also and flickr, they must hate my iPhone . >:( any one wanna host :slight_smile: plz?

still interested in beserk if you’re willing to break things apart.

possibly the gundam seed game too. i need to youtube some vids of gameplay first.

would buy aladdin and super metroid if you don’t get a taker on the lot.

WilL give u guys a heads up by tonight :slight_smile: oh yeah I take paypal

i’m interested in the snes bundle. i see sf turbo in the pic but why’s it’ not on the list?
this new $rk confuses me. dunno how to pm

I forgot it was there>.< lol bur yep part of the set. Click on my name and start a Conversation with me
That’s how u pm :slight_smile:

some claasic games in those lots

Price drops ps2 import bundle now 50 bucks :slight_smile:

^^^You would probably make more if you would be willing to break it apart.

AlSo more stuff coming tonight PVC statues (chicks) and willing to split now :slight_smile:

Berserk sold ps2 bundle $40 shipped! Snes bundle $40 shipped also ! :slight_smile:

what PVC stuff do you have?

sorry I didn’t get back to you about splitting the games. I bought a stick instead. …I have money again now though! but Beserk already sold.