WTS - PS2 - Namco Stick - PS2 to DC Converter

PS2 - Comes will 1 controller, 1 memory card and all necessary cables.

Namco Stick
$70 Stick back up

Contact me if you’re interested in the PS2 and the Namco stick as a bundle - ill cut yah a deal for taking both.

Total Control Plus PS 2 to DC Converter - Sold to kRaZzY

All prices include shipping in the U.S.

Private message me or post here if interested in an item.

If you’re interested in one ore more of the items above, and think i’m ripping you off, make me a reasonable offer. Thanks

Ship to Mexico? Also, pics? :stuck_out_tongue:

me needs that converter…holla back at me


Where in Cali are you, Minotaur? Check PM.