[WTS] PS2/PS1/DS Games (ZOE2, Arc The Lad, Lunar, ect.), Street Fighter Collectables

Hey everyone, back with a big list of games for sale, and more to come in the future. Just a few quick notes on what’s for sale.

 - All games are in complete condition with original case, manual and game 
 - All games should be in either perfect or near perfect condition with few minor scratches
 - If you'd like more specific information about a game, feel free to PM me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can
 - Shipping for games is + $3 on top of the price for US residents, size of order may change price
 - Message me for quotes on shipping for other items
 - If you'd like me to put an item on hold (3 days maximum), post or PM me about it

— PS2

Arcana Heart - $10 [SOLD]
Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2 - $10
Capcom Vs SNK 2 - $20
Contra Shattered Soldier - $10 [ON HOLD]
Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol 1 - $10
Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol 2 - $10
Gitaroo Man - $25
God Hand - $20

Gradius V - $15
Ico - $20 [SOLD]
Katamari Damacy - $10
King of Fighers XI - $10 [ON HOLD]
King of Fighters 02/03 - $15 [SOLD]
King of Fighers 2006 (with Another Day anime) - $10 [ON HOLD]

Metal Slug Anthology - $15
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum - $10
R Type Final - $15
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection - $10
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology - $15
Zone Of The Enders 2 - $30 [SOLD]

— PSone

Arc The Lad Collection - $50 [ON HOLD]
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete - $40 [ON HOLD]
Parasite Eve - $15 [SOLD]
Team Buddies - $70

— DS

Castlevania DoS - $15
Castlevania OoE - $15 [ON HOLD]
Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime - $10
Kirby Canvas Curse - $10
Kirby Super Star Ultra - $20 [ON HOLD]
The Legendary Starfy - $15
Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story - $25
New Super Mario Bros. - $20
Rhythm Heaven - $15
The World Ends With You - $15

— Street Fighter collectables

SF20: The Art of Street Fighter Limited Hardcover Edition - $70 [ON HOLD]

Street Fighter 4 Chun Li Collectors Statue (#160 of 700) - $40

Thanks for taking a look. There will be more to come soon so check back.

If you’re willing to ship to Canada, I’ll take ICO off your hands.

PM’d for Metal Slug Anthology and KoF 2006.

Oh my god, PLEASE let me have Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner and God Hand! PM sent in 1 minute! :wow:

Payment sent for ICO.

Payment received, all personal messages replied to and the first post has been updated. Thanks to everyone who’s shown interest so far.

PM’d for Parasite Eve


Passing on Metal Slug Anthology and KoF 2006.

PM sent for KOF 02/03 & Arcana Heart.

Did a status update and shipped out more games, thanks again to everyone who has purchased or shown interest