WTS PS2,PS3 arcade sticks!

I am selling two arcade sticks made from Hori. One is a soul calibur 2 arcade stick for the PlayStation 2 and other is a Hori Fighting Stick 3 for the PlayStation 3. Both sticks are used and work perfectly fine with the exception the that one of the push buttons on the HS3 tends to take just a little bit longer to pop back to surface when pressed. both sticks will be package in its original boxes and along with the sticks, i will include a used copy of street fighter alpha anthology for the PlayStation 2.

I forgot to mention that the HS3 is missing its faceplate sticker due to the fact that i tried to fix the push button problem only to realize that one will have to solder to fix the problem. with that being said i will be selling both sticks together for $100 dollars which includes shipping (UPS). I accept only money orders from western union (sorry no paypal account) buyers who are interested, send me a message or just post here thanks. good looking out deadfrog with the pics.


Just post pics in the thread…

i am not sure how to post pics.

just upload them to tinypic or photobucket and post the links here

Alternately http://imageshack.us/

willing to take a trade? im short on the cash money

what do you have in mind to trade?

i pm’ed you