WTS PS2/PS3 games JLF



I will add my PS3 stuff later today

Zone of Enders Bundle pending
Ico Bundle $20


pm sent




JLF Pending


how much for just zoe 2?


16$ shipped you will also receive a tracking number


I’ll buy it!

Only thing is I don’t have paypal so I can either send you concealed cash for it or I have to send my cousin cash so he can put in his paypal account so I can use. Which do you prefer?


I prefer paypal, where are you located?


Price drop Ico bundle $20 shipped


payment sent for the jlf earlier free bump :slight_smile:


Man, the value of ICO and SOTC plummeted after the announcement of the HD re-release, didn’t it? I may consider buying it next week if it’s still available. Good luck with sale!


im in california