WTS: PS2 Sega Saturn Controllers (Rare!) $100 each (I have 2) (Worth $200+)


BUMP For all you cats who want a Sega Saturn controller you can use on the new gen consoles, this is the perfect solution. I see people wanting USB Saturn controllers, these can be used on Dreamcast, Xbox, Wii, Gamecube, PSx & PS2 & PS3 & Xbox 360 with the appropriate adapters of course. The PS2 controller is the most versatile controller seeing that everyone makes converters for it.

What kind of condition are they in? My wife’d kill me if I spent $100 on a pad, not that I can afford it anyway, but damn is it tempting.

Honestly I had joysticks galore when I first bought them, so they haven’t had that much play time on them. They are in great condition.

PMed you.

One Sold! One left!

Sold! Please close thread.

I got mine today, the pad is godlike! I actually swapped some parts in from a fresh original Saturn pad I had lying around, so it feels brand new (maybe too new, I think I need to break it in now) and it works perfectly with a PS3 adapter. Thanks again Adonis, can’t wait to try it out at Friday Night Fights in Albuquerque!