WTS: PS2 stuff and random stuff

PS2 System:
Includes: Power/Av Cords. Stock black dual shock ps2 controller. Logitech wireless ps2 dual shock controller. ps2 memory card.
Price: 125 shipped OBO

Game cube:
Paper Mario - Thousand Year Door (Greatest hits version): Complete. 15 shipped.
512 Game Cube Memory Card: 10 shipped
Both for 20 shipped

4G Sandisk Cruzer Pen Drive: 20 shipped.

Feedback Thread

I accept Paypal Only. I DO ship international but the price is dependent on location.


I’ll take SFAE

PM received and replied back.

Anniversary Edition has been sold.

Accent Core has been sold.

PM sent.

Replied. =D

Stuart, Whenever you put stuff on the trading forum, it goes fast! :wgrin:

That’s how I like it. =D

NGBC and KOFXI have been sold.