WTS: ps2,t5 stick


I have a supped up white japanese ps2 that recently the eject button wont work and i have no idea how to fix it so name me an offer.

Also i am selling a mint condition t5 stick.


your PM box is full. Joe, could you aim me at guwath. I want that ps2


How much for the t5?


80 bucks


is it a japanese T5 stick?


yes it is


can i get some pics of the t5 stick?


what do you mean souped up?


souped up means what you think it means.


Joe O you alive? Waiting on response for the t5 stick.


waiting on ps2 reply myself XD


Hey joe you get my MO yet? been a week and I haven’t heard form you yet.


Anyone get their stuff yet? I’m still waiting on mine…


nope… i havent been able to get in contact with him since 5-14-07


Joe, you best be replyin’ soon.