WTS - PS2 to Dreamcast converter

So I have an extra Playstation 2 to Dreamcast converter. I purchased one for me and another for a friend – he ended up backing out in the end. The converter was purchased from play-asia not too long ago and was never used other than to test that it worked fine; it does. It cost me $22.30 and if anyone wants it, the price for you is a flat $20 – you end up saving a couple of bucks and a 14+ day wait. [Shipping is included in the $20] PM me/Post to let me know if you’re interested

[My personal one is the on the left side on both pictures – you’d be getting the one on the right side]

From personal experience, these converters are lag free. Many here on SRK will tell you the same
They accommodate most ps2 joystick layouts:
[ ] /\ R1
X O R2

Here is the link to the play-asia website

check pms