WTS: ps2-Xbox adapters and ps2-dreamcast adapters and sega saturn controller


ps2 xbox adapters:
magicbox adapter $30 shipped
dreambox adapter $15 shipped
dreambox adapter $15 shipped

ps2 to dreamcast adapter:
innovation adapter $20 shipped
EMS adapter $15 shipped

Sega Saturn Control pad $20 shipped


I want that innovation adapter. PM sent


I’ll take that Magic Box if the Saturn port is working.


Which EMS adapter is it? Total Control Plus?


I’m interested in the Xbox Magic Box. I also have a brand new unopened PC Magic Box and Manhatten Gameport to USB for trade if you’d be interested in either of those as well.


Post pics please


dreambox adapter x 2 + innovation — sale pending to RED07 (sent me pm at 4 am)

magicbox (saturn port tested and working) — I have a few people who are interested. Since it is rare I’ll take best offer. If no offer, Kyle is first in line.

The EMS adapter is a total control plus. I forgot to mention that, I bought it and it said ‘EMS.’ PM me if you want it.


I wasn’t aware that you could take offers, but it’s all good. I have one of these. Just wanted a second one for 2 player. Send me a PM if you end up wanting to sell for that price. I don’t want this badly enough to fight over it.


you still have the dreamcast converters they lag free?


I have one dreamcast adapter left, it’s the EMS (total control plus), if you look up reviews it says its lagfree, and it was when i used it with a ps2 stick. Pm me if interested.

kyle – i thought you could post a price and OBO (or best offer), if not then it’s yours. I just feel bad because someone pmed me like literally a few minutes after you and sounded like they really wanted it.


whats the condition of the ems converter? Does it work or is it picky about when it wants to be read?
LMK very interested. Have paypal ready to go.


EMS converter sold to truckasaurus


Sell it to them then. I’m not too worried about it. :wgrin:


all dreambox adapters gone? =(