WTS: ps3/360 Custom 175$

Mahogany wood case made by Bonebreak of these forums.
Dual Mod ps3/360 with switch on bottom. Buttons have QD’s.
All Sanwa parts,Jlf square gate.
Added a shaft cover

Looking for 175$ + Shipped in USPaypal only and will ship priority with confirmation will be sent out immediately.

Battle Fantasia in box Cd is in great condition looking for 20$ shipped. Paypal only and will ship priority with confirmation.

Madcatz fight pad SOLD Shipped (RYU)(PS3)

Have not sold anything in a while but I did have a feedback thread http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=158237&highlight=Rugedman.

Adding Battle Fantasia

Can you take a pic of the bottom of the stick please?

Added a fight pad.

Price drop.

price drop again.

SOLD the stick.