WTS: PS3/360 Custom Zebrawood Stick

Hi all, I have up for sale a dual PS3/360 Custom Stick that was built for me by a SRK member about 4 years ago. It is housed in a zebrawood case with full sanwa parts. One issue from the build is that the mid button on the upper row has a loose connection and I have worked around it by looping the wire through the pinhole, to be clear the stick is in complete working order. This should be an easy solder job but as I do not have one I cannot do it. Otherwise the stick is in perfect condition, used maybe on 3 or 4 occasions. It also does not come with the male/female USB cable. Asking for $270 shipped via paypal within the US.

Please PM me if you are interested!


bump, price lowered


bump, price lowered