WTS PS3/360 Dual Mod Setups + XBOX ONE BARE PCB $30 SHIPP + Brooke Universal PCB 88 shipped


2x Brooke Universal PCBs 88 shipped Each

Got 2 Xbox 360/PS3 Dual Mod Setups

Chimp + Madcatz 360 PCB 20 Shipped

These are only wired to each other. You will have to wire em up to your setup.

Xbox one PCB 30 Shipped


PM sent


Pm Sent




PM sent in case there’s one left.


PM sent for any extra one left!




Paradise Arcadeshop has some in stock! 89$ ( i did’nt mean to rain on your business, i’m sure they’ll go out of stock pretty soon)


@ Lalapillz

You know you can make a post in tech talk or whatever.

Not cool bro.


I’ll take a Brooke PS3/PS4 PCB if you still have one. Let me know. Thanks




do you have any more PS3/PS4 PCB?


for the homies got unlimited supply. But yeah I got one brand new and one wired with qds


All Ps3/PS4 PCBs are on hold


2 x universal pcbs sold and 1 x ps3/ps4 pcb




i will take a ps4 pcb , pm me payment info if any are available.


Shippingcost is only within U.S. I take it?


PM sent


Ps3/PS4 Pcbs sold