WTS: PS3 60GB CECHA01 Backwards Compatible

I originally purchased the system when it came out and sent it back to SONY when it died.

SONY sent me a new system back about 2 months ago that I have not used since. It is in very good condition and has 0 hours of playing/ movie viewing time. I am looking to sell it with everything that usually comes in the box:

Power cable
ps3 DualShock w/charger cable
HDMI cable
Warhawk & SOCOM confrontation *MINT Condition

Is there anything else I am missing?

All for $300 + shipping, OBO

PM me or post on here. Thank you!

what’s the firmware?

I think its at 3.5, not sure though. If you do a system restore it will take it back to 1. something.

So did they send you a NEW SLIM or a new 60g FATTY? I’, guessing a new Fatty, but that’s odd if they sent it two months ago?! The don’t make the Fattys’ anymore?

Maybe I’m reading too much into this, lol?!

They don’t make the fatty’s anymore, they send out what they have at the warehouse (if you have a 60gb and they can’t fix it, then they send you another 60gb, if you have a 40gb and they cant fix it then they send you a 40gb…sorry if this is confusing.), i’m thinking this is a refurbished 60gb, so then no it would not be a NEW* 60gb that came out in 2006…