WTS: PS3 60GB, plays PS2 games $250 shipped

I have an original PS3 60GB model. Runs fine and has latest firmware updates on it. Looking for $250.

Will throw in HDMI cable and includes original controller. Includes power cable.

thanks for looking.

if i wasn’t so broke i’d buy this… :frowning:

Best version of the ps3 IMO.

No interest at all eh?

Ebay it. I’m pretty sure you can get more for it there, they run around $400 or so sometimes just because of the BC.

No kidding!

You can definitely get more for a nice-condition 60 GB PS3. Most game stores are still selling them used for $350 and up.

It’s only the best PS3, though, if you take VERY good care of it.

Like all first-generation PlayStation models (SO FAR!), it runs hot. Best purchasing decision I made in regards to my launch model PS3 (got it in 2007 – a year AFTER launch!) was to buy a Pelican cooling fan. There’s no question that $30-$40 investment has kept my system out of the repair ship and lengthened the life of the Blu ray drive, too!

That, and the fact that I’m a non-smoker. The particles in cigarette smoke are not good for ANY piece of electronic equipment – especially drive-equipped hardware. It dirties lenses…

Pics may help too. Good luck with sale.

I would buy this if it’s still available after Christmas.