WTS: PS3 and PS2 games


So a friend of mine’s wants to sell some games and most are in mint condition. Others got that EB sticker on them. No scratches.
I accept paypal. But money orders are good too.
Assassin’s Creed: 20
Ninja Gaiden Sigma: 25
Orange Box: 15
Soul Calibur 4 : 30
Fight Night Round 3: 10 (got the Eb stciker)
Heavenly Sword: 30
Lego Star Wars Complete Saga: 15
Virtua Tennis 3: 10(eb sticker)
Battlefield Bad Company: 20
Burnout paradise: 15(eb sticker)

Some PS2 games 5 bucks each:
THPs4 minor scratches but plays with no problem
DBZ: Budokai 3
DBZ B tenkaichi
GTA: Vice City
Nba Street
Spider-man 2
Art of Fighting Anthoogy
ATV Offroad Fury 4
Ninja Assault
DOA2 hardcore(:rofl:) scratched but does not affect gameplay.


I would be interested in the Art of Fighting Anthology and Dead or Alive 2 send me a PM


would your friend be interested in a trade for soul calibur IV?

I’m willing to trade both virtua fighter 5 and dbz burst limit